Technology - Mach Recruitment
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Mach continually invests in technology

Ensure you’re getting the most from your staff and discover better ways to manage your workforce.

Mach’s site specific access control and time attendance management system offers clients enhanced safety, security and efficiency coupled with remote access for customers to powerful backend data processing, analysis and our worker statistics platform.

It’s an efficient, fast and smart system and it can significantly improve your business in terms of profit and productivity.


Key aspects are:

MI data

Invaluable statistical information provided daily and weekly to measure spend, retention and performance etc.

Skills management and allocation

Unique service offering which increases operational productivity and quality.

HR Manager

A customisable solution to store your workers data, files and correspondence.

Biometric time and attendance

This works by measuring unique biometric features therefore providing greater accuracy in attendance tracking and access control. We understand that your security is vital.

Time allocation and job costing

Accurately manages performance and costs jobs allowing you to measure the capacity and efficiency of departments and workers to help you make quick decisions about your output priorities.

Workforce absence management

The system monitors workers working times, collects attendance information such as absence trends and costs to help you analyse and find better ways to increase productivity. It will also help you monitor absenteeism and determine the impact it has on your bottom line.


Industry leading 3D motion tracking technology.


RFID system locating assets with 0.5m accuracy. Health & Safety and task-timing at its best.


Automatic systems eliminating human error.